Solar stations and lanterns

In the town of Horodenka, Horodenka district, Ivano-Frankivsk region of the accumulator few streetlights on solar batteries have been installed.

Lights were installed in the park, which was not carried out the grid. Logical and the only true test solution was to install solar lights it. An interesting fact is that the installation for the purpose of the experiment was carried out in a slightly darkened area (trees) and at an altitude in excess of 30% of the nominal. And here our lights showed his best side – the sensor works properly in the right range of distances to the lamp, it moves from an economy mode to nominal. Area lighting has become more of a mounting height of the lamp lighting with virtually no loss of quality, that is, danogo type lamps there is a significant margin of the main parameters. Battery properly enough for dark.

Mer neighborhood Stepan Lyubomirovich Jaworski expressed gratitude on behalf of the residents Gorodenka in an interview, as well as hope for further cooperation. ‘Progress for innovative technologies’ – in particular, said the head of the city, ‘Was once people just barely accepted the transition from the steam engine to the internal combustion engine …’


v. Malekhiv, Lviv region

In the village of Malekhov, Lviv region, our engineers installed 4 battery-powered solar flashlights, rated at 20 watts. The height of the installation is 6-7 meters. Lanterns turn on automatically when the street turns dark and shines at half strength. When a person passes by, the motion sensor is triggered and the flashlight glows at full strength. Daylight charge of the lantern is enough for two nights in the summer for a whole night in the winter.