Addiction APAR engaged in the production and trade since 1985 in the market of automation, electronics and measurements in Poland. Our proposal is focused in two main areas: industrial automation and buildings and mergers. Section Industrial Automation specializes in the manufacture of sensors, gauges, meters, controllers and recorders, which are elements of measurement and control of temperature, humidity and pressure. These solutions also include wireless devices for measuring and recording quantities. Our projects are characterized by modern technical solutions, high accuracy, resistance to interference and good characteristics for a municipal services while maintaining moderate prices. With over 25 years of experience and our highly skilled engineers, we can develop a tool from scratch according to customer requirements. We offer professional advice, analysis of possible options for designs, punctuality, training in use of the device.


LSIS is the world leader in power supply, automation and green technologies. Since 1974. The global network consists of more than 20 foreign affiliated companies. The working capacity is 9 plants in Korea and abroad. The company has its own testing center for electrotechnical equipment PT & T. This is a world-class lab that provides complete certification of manufactured products. All realized products are certified in accordance with many international standards. The company's priorities and beliefs are: - A guarantee to all customers of a safe and prosperous life and a happy future, giving them convenient "smart energy"; - Driving the path to the future through innovations that exceed expectations; - Creating an effective, comfortable future through convergence of ICTs and the integration of modern technologies; - Creating a rich future with environmentally friendly and safe energy.

EMHEATER (China EM Technology Limited)

Main office: Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
EMHEATER is a company specializing in the research and production of various types of products<br /> industrial automation, relating to electricity saving in light industry,<br /> machine tool, textile industry, as well as in a number of automation systems<br /> industry. In addition to studying existing products, we also explore the field of the new<br /> science and technology. We are also actively working to expand our marketing channels.<br /> Our production facilities consist of 6 factories and more than 820 employees. As a professional<br /> manufacturer of industrial automation products, we manufacture frequency converters for<br /> servo motors and drives, EMI filters, AC harmonic wave throttles,<br /> sinusoidal filters, brake blocks and resistors. In 2008 EMHEATER Group launched<br /> "China EM Technology Limited" for promotion on the world market.


Founded in 2004, ITCOOL is a technology-oriented company engaged in<br /> production of products that use solar energy. We have our own R & D center<br /> in Shenzhen, China. In recent years, we have focused our attention on research and development<br /> methods of improvement in our direction. We have built Distributor Affiliates in<br /> Most cities in China have started moving to overseas markets since 2007.<br /> Our main products are lanterns with solar batteries, solar bags,<br /> bags, tents, vests, beach umbrellas and other solar gadgets and gadgets. We have our own<br /> ITCOOL brand for overseas market. Also, we can provide OEM and ODM services for<br /> global partners. We have our own team that provides hardware and software solutions<br /> software. Most ODMs and settings are the subject of negotiations. Our products<br /> Exported to many countries around the world.<br /> In the field of green energy, our goal is to produce practical ones<br /> functional and durable small products that are energized by the sun.


TELECONTROL is a subsidiary of Ningbo Uting Electronic CO., LTD. The company is<br /> a global and renowned researcher and manufacturer of remote wireless remote controls<br /> management. The radio control boards, both UTING and TELECONTROL, have been certified as the main ones<br /> Countries of the global industry, such as the European Union, the United States, Great Britain, Japan,<br /> Canada, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and so on. They are widely used for lifting<br /> equipment, construction machinery, loading / unloading machines, systems<br /> water supply, data transmission, iron-smelting, automobile industry, pulp and paper industry,<br /> paper and chemical industry, processing of steel structures, galvanization,<br /> shipbuilding, railways, cities, tunnel construction and other equipment that can<br /> use radio control.<br /> The headquarters of TELECONTROL, which employs 105 employees, is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.<br /> The country has 8 branches, their work is aimed at optimizing sales and service network. Average<br /> the quantity of produced production is 60,000 units per year and is constantly growing. Currently the company<br /> exports goods to 60 countries around the world. More than 80% of sales is received from the foreign market; between<br /> Thus, the company controls 95% of Taiwan's market and is the leading producer of radioactive materials in Asia. Lee'sHi-Tech<br /> specializes in the production of industrial remote control radios for more than 20 years. Lee'sHiTech,<br /> with significant business achievements, along with aggressive expansion, continues to direct<br /> all their efforts for new successes. The purpose and responsibility of our customers is to produce high-quality,<br /> reliable and safe radio remote controls.<br /> Google Перекладач для компаній:Translator ToolkitІнструмент перекладу веб-сайтів<br />


The company has been one of the first places on the Polish industrial market for many years<br /> automation<br /> MAWOS's main directions are:<br /> Devices of smooth start-up for electric motors and servo-drives, industrial automation,<br /> control of technological processes and machines, software for automation<br /> projects, visualization, commissioning, diagnostics, service, training, sales<br /> sterownikowego SIEMENS equipment, drive technology, integrated systems implementation<br /> drive, design, prefabrication, mounting equipment, diagnostics. And also sales<br /> converters and electric motors SIEMENS, soft starters MAWOSTART-PX,<br /> manufacture of electric installations, systems of excitation of synchronous generators and engines,<br /> regulators of the voltage of static excitation and extinguishing of the field of synchronous generators, cabinets<br /> distribution and control and drive. The company is engaged in technical consulting,<br /> design, installation and adjustment.

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